Additional Tips Zeoto Pen™ Qty 15


15 additional tips for Zeoto Pen™ are food safe lead free certified.    These beautiful tips are crafted out of copper and coated to protect them.  The perfect tips for creating texture and designs on edible mediums.  They come in variable sizes to allow you endless possibilities for creating your designs.

Tips Included:

  • Oval / C Shape Tips come in 4 variable sizes: 5C, 4CF, 3CF & 2CF.  These tips can be used to create various shapes and dimensions.
  • Flat Head Tips (resemble a screwdriver) come in 4 variable sizes.  5D-S3, 3.2LD, 3,2D, 2.4D.   These tips can be used in many creative ways in your design.


Specialty Tips:

These tips are wonderful and very easy to use.  The angled tips make it easy to maintain stability and have an easy flow when using them.  They can be used right side up or on the back side.

  • Angled Fine Point Angled Tip.   Perfect for stenciling, creating fine line and details.
  • Angled Flat Heat Tip (2 sizes)
  • Angled Round Flat Heat Tip
  • Claw Tip.  Perfect to remove excess isomalt on edges and create double line designs.
  • 5mm Ball Point Tip
  • Oval Tip with Hole in the Middle.   This tip works best with fondant or mediums that do not liquify with heat in order to create texture.


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 4 × 1 in